16Nov 2016

New partner boosts hardware options for communications leader

new partner

A leading US provider of developer-friendly communications services has added another technology partner as it looks to extend the options available to customers of SaaS providers and high tech enterprises.
Seattle-based Flowroute has achieved a successful interoperability certification with Epygi Technologies, meaning that Epygi’s QX line of IP PBXs and gateways will now be compatible with Flowroute’s API-controlled communications services. Other certified Flowroute partners include Ubiquiti, which manufactures the UniFi VoIP phone.
Epygi has a track record of working with businesses of all sizes, from small firms to global enterprises. Says North America channel manager Mario Espaillat: “Flowroute is able to give customers complete control of their services to meet the dynamic needs of their business environment.”
The firm enables companies to unify calling and messaging on a single phone number, through one provider and one API, to achieve a seamless customer experience. As a certified Competitive Local Exchange Carrier across the US, Flowroute can provide developers with direct access to, and control over, telephony resources such as phone numbers, inbound and outbound calling, text messaging, and advanced signaling data.
Key Takeaways:
• Partnerships with manufacturers of high-quality VoIP equipment are key to the expansion plans of communication service providers.
• Hardware is a critical element of the VoIP user experience, hence the emphasis on ensuring proper interoperability certification. Flowroute offers a high degree of autonomy for developers with little intervention required from the carrier, so assurance is needed that equipment will provide high levels of performance.
• Developers are making more demands on communications providers in terms of the flexibility they require and the scalability of the services they can offer.