30Nov 2016

4 Ways a VOIP System Can Help You Improve Business Security


Even if you don’t necessarily own or manage a business that requires high security for its phone calls, customers feel more comfortable knowing that any information they provide over the phone is kept safe and secure. Without you or your employees being aware of it, a great deal of sensitive information might be provided over the phone several times a day. Even if your aren’t discussing confidential company secrets, simple things such as credit card numbers, customer contact information and other details need to be kept secure from those who aren’t authorized to acquire that information.
That’s why many businesses both large and small are making the switch to a VOIP system over a standard phone system. A VOIP system offers more options and advantages for improved business security, requiring little maintenance or updating of equipment on your own. Consider these ways a VOIP system can help you improve business security so that you can make an informed decision before you switch.
1. Prevent Unauthorized Access
A VOIP system offers customizable advanced security settings, preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining access to the system either in-house or from the outside. Most VOIP systems also allow for individual-based settings, granting some users specific rights and access to features, maximum allowable calls or a maximum time for phone calls. Such features are ideal for granting managers and team leaders more control over employee use of the system.
This type of control helps a great deal in preventing security breaches or unauthorized or accidental downloads of files and documents that may contain viruses and malware.
2. Record Calls
A VOIP system is a great tool for recording calls so that no specific details or instructions are lost. All incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded and played back as needed, helping you solve issues regarding a particular user or discover problems that might have led to a security breach.
3. Call Encryption
A VOIP system can be equipped with call encryption, ensuring that any hackers attempting to connect to your network or call signal and acquire sensitive information are prevented from doing so. This means each phone call is secure, with only the caller and the receiver being able to understand the conversation.
4. Advanced System Monitoring
Unlike a standard phone system, a VOIP system can enable you to easily monitor and access other areas of your business systems network. By connecting other areas of your business to the VOIP system, you can also monitor emails, faxes, internet usage, what websites have been visited and by which users, downloads and uploads, and more. Subsequently, this adds a great deal of security to any business.
And of course, you’ll receive detailed information about each and every phone call. This is also especially useful if you want to monitor any calls to and from an employee who works remotely or has left the company but is still using the system to make calls.
In addition to security, a VOIP system offers many other benefits and advantages to a business over a standard telephone system. When researching VOIP systems, take the time to examine all the features available to you. Even if you don’t need some of the features right now, you may opt to add them in the future as your business grows.