12Jun 2019

25 Divi Theme Examples to Jumpstart Your Creativity


Divi, brought to you by Elegant Themes, has proven to be one of the most revolutionary WordPress themes to hit the market. It’s famous for being a beginner-friendly, yet featured packed theme. It comes with a powerful visual design builder that’s meant to replace the default WordPress editor, even if you’re using Gutenberg.

And if you’re looking for beautiful web design, Divi has you covered.

With over 800 pre-made website layouts, 40+ websites elements, and responsive editing, you know your site will render seamlessly for all site visitors. And your site will look stunning too.

Not to mention, management of your website comes easy thanks to the intuitive Divi interface that lets you drag and drop your site design, view changes in real-time, and save your favorite work for later.

Because of all of this, and so much more, thousands of WordPress users choose Divi as their theme of choice.

If you’re thinking about using Divi as your WordPress theme, but need a little help with envisioning what’s possible, check out our roundup of the best Divi theme examples.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look!

1. Funk Engine Music

funk engine music

Funk Engine Music is cool because it starts you off with some bold color schemes and a neat homepage image that takes up the entire screen. There’s also a small, animated button that once clicked, begins guiding you down the site’s homepage.

As you scroll, you’ll find a parallax background image, audio and video clips, and even a “Buy Now” CTA button. You’ll also notice the impressive image gallery that turns each thumbnail into a lightbox image. Plus, there’s an option to continue viewing images using the slider.

2. Mary and the Dot

mary and the dot

Mary and the Dot offers site visitors some immediate animation upon arrival. When paired with the seamless color scheme, you want to know more. Each content block has it’s own clear divide as you scroll down this one-page website. And as you keep scrolling, you’re provided with simple transition effects that again, make you want to see more.

Check out the testimonial section and get inspired for your own site’s social proof. Take note of how they link to previous projects in the portfolio section. And lastly, see how they cater to their global customers by offering a convenient language switcher both at the top and bottom of their website for immediate site translations.

3. Impulse Eve

impulse eve

Impulse Eve is a beautiful example of what creatives can do with Divi to create a stand out one-page website. Each image in the small slider section is easily enlarged for better viewing. And if you want to sample their music, before you click to buy, all you have to do is press play and listen on.

The colorful background image that scrolls with site visitors is the perfect backdrop to the black and white imagery overlapping it. And with a large contact form and easy to see social sharing icons, staying in touch with Impulse Eve is a breeze.

4. Devlin Photos

devlin photos

Devlin Photos is one of those Divi theme examples that any type of photographer can glean inspiration from. From the unique vertical navigational menu to the masonry grid of both images and video content, prospective customers get a real feel for what the photographers at Devlin Photos are capable of.

Not to mention, it really captures all the modules Divi has available for online business owners. There’s a blog, price request form, client section, awards page, portfolio, and even a products sections that highlights addons you can add to any photo package.

5. Mugs Café

mugs cafe

Mugs Café is all about making sure the hungry people eat a hearty and delicious breakfast. And they take advantage of all the things Divi has to offer site owners in the process. Each featured image on the homepage links to their menu. This way, you can see beforehand just what you’re getting yourself into. And if you need some contact information, it’s just a quick scroll to the footer section for an address, phone number, social share icons, and business hours.

If you want to order online, Mugs Café has you covered. With their convenient online ordering option, you can order ahead of time, hop on over to the café, and pick up your goodies. And thanks to the eCommerce support of Divi, paying online via Square is easy.

6. Cardinal Pro Painters

cardinal pro painters

Cardinal Pro Painters really takes advantage of Divi’s shape divider and animation effects on their homepage. And, so as to not disrupt the beautiful homepage image, Cardinal Pro Painters has a neat and tidy navigational menu tucked off to the side for those that want explore more.

Click the bold red CTA and submit a quote request. Scroll down the homepage and check out all of the services they provide in the services content block. And if you still aren’t sure about hiring them for the job, just read some of the lengthy (and convincing) reviews in the Divi testimonial module.

7. Veronica Ariel

veronica ariel

Veronica Ariel is an eCommerce shop and deserves a spot on this list of Divi theme examples because of its simplistic, yet stunning style. The homepage boasts a plain menu and large fullscreen image with a clear CTA to “Shop Now.” It also reveals a few images in varied sizes showcasing Veronica Ariel clothing in real life.

Clicking on the “Shop Now” button brings you to a clean and modern grid layout of all available items. And each product page has product variation dropdowns, reviews, related products, and more to boost sales. Lastly, you can easily book a fitting or consultation, complete with day, time, and confirmation.

8. RadAmBhf


RadAmBhf offers people looking for a truly unique way to design their websites some great ideas. As a business that relies on reservations, know that Divi supports a booking module. This way, customers can reserve a room, appointment, or even a piece of equipment like a bike. And since their bike options are off to the right hand side of the site, it’s sure to catch people’s attention right away.

Scrolling through the homepage reveals a unique module we haven’t seen in this roundup of Divi theme examples yet: a map module. This is a great feature Divi gives local businesses trying to boost sales. Add in the brilliant color schemes, beautiful content block transitions, and built-in pages like FAQ and contact, we’d say they have a lot going for them right out of the gate.

9. Brave


Brave is a browser trying to compete with the big guys, and its web design and functionality shows it. With a huge hero image displaying the company’s value proposition, CTA to download, and video content, Brave boasts big things from the start.

But its when you start scrolling through the homepage that you see Divi reveal itself in the design. Smooth, slide-in animations, blocked off whitespace, and a built-in subscribe box help set this site apart from others. And as you explore the comprehensive website, chock full of information that’s organized neatly into dropdown menu items, you may find yourself wondering whether this is the next browser for you.

10. GruffyGoat


GruffyGoat takes on material design and surely understands the importance of a good color palette generator. But more than that, it knows that perfect typography pairings are a must when it comes to web design. And they should, seeing as they are a web development company.

Utilizing Divi’s about, services, and contact pages gives GruffyGoat an easy way to share their business with site visitors and generate new leads. Not to mention, the blogging section, with a stunning masonry layout, gives people a way to learn more about the team and what they can do. And let’s not forget the cute little goat with his wiggly ears that scream “hello” every time you land on their site.

11. Southern Bancorp

southern bancorp

Southern Bancorp is one of the only Divi theme examples that uses a fullscreen image slider at the top of their homepage. And the great thing about the image slider is that the images are interactive. For example, you can log in or register for their website services, learn more about their company, or get update information.

Connect with Southern Bancorp via social media, email, or physical location by accessing the content block with contact information. Click on any number of CTAs and get started with their company right away. And if you find yourself at the bottom of the webpage and want an easy way back up, use the handy “To Top” arrow and stay engaged.

12. Ane Riel

ane riel

Ane Riel gives site visitors an easy way to check out her homepage and explore her site. And she starts by enabling a sticky vertical sidebar, complete with menu items. This alone makes this website one of the more unique Divi theme website examples. There’s also a language switcher for reaching an international audience, multiple testimonial sections, and a blog for people to read.

Interestingly, Ane also has a dedicated calendar page so fans of her work can see when her new books will release and about upcoming appearances. Lastly, Ane includes a modge podge of personal photos, beautifully laid out in a masonry grid, so people can get to know her on a more personal level.

13. In-Joy


In-Joy is a perfect addition to our Divi theme examples because it helps people piece together elegant websites that are full of color and express a certain message. As a holistic yoga company, In-Joy exudes a soft touch, which can be seen in the curly font styles used throughout the homepage. There’s also an easy way to register for classes, which is great for turning a small business into a thriving one.

You’ll enjoy the tiny details found throughout this Divi-based site. For example, the animations that pair with cute thumbnail images upon hover are great. And if you want to make sure people don’t spam your subscribe box, do what In-Joy does and enable the reCAPTCHA feature found in Divi’s built-in email marketing feature.

14. Brett Florens

brett florens

Brett Florens gives you an example of how to use the large fullscreen slider to showcase a certain feel. And the great thing is, the transitions are automatic so you don’t have to fumble with clicking. There’s also a clean and modern looking navigation menu that sticks to the header section and follows you as you move down the homepage.

If you prefer to see some of the work that Brett can do, just keep scrolling down the homepage to see the portfolio. Not only are there stunning images that display as slide-ins when the page loads, there are CTAs that take you to other webpages with a screen filler image slider. Lastly, read the blog, sign up for mentoring, or even shop in the online store for products and workshops.

15. Root of Life

root of life

Root of Life is on our list of Divi theme examples for many reasons. To start, they present a cool opt-in form upon arrival. With this form, found above the fold atop a large hero image, you have the choice of signing up for the newsletter or shopping the online store. If you prefer to look around, click the arrow pointing down to see what else this one-page website has to offer.

This simple website highlights new products, which is possible because Divi fully supports eCommerce functionality. And if you want to see what blog posts to read, scroll a little more to see a unique slider with blog posts, features images, and CTAs to read more.

16. Chasing Mumford

chasing mumford

Chasing Mumford is a great example of a black website that knows how to cram a lot of information into a small space, without overwhelming the site visitors. Thanks in some part to Divi’s ability to section off content, this cool website gives fans of Chasing Mumford everything they need to elevate themselves to super fans.

For instance, the header alone has social share icons, a navigational menu, and link to the online shop. And to really make sure you stay connected, those social icons are sticky. There’s also a large video module for those who want to see Chasing Mumford in action. And if you want to catch their next tour, click one of the image blocks and see where they’re headed next.

17. Sleeknote


Sleeknote is one of those business websites that know how to grab a person’s attention and get them to convert. And they do it without boring people to death. With lots of whitespace and pops of color, this Divi-based site displays a sticky header. Plus, it has a compelling CTA inviting you to start a free trial. And then there are the trust signals to establish authority with leads.

Though not part of Divi itself, it’s worth noting that Sleeknote leverages an interesting opt-in form. For those that need a little more help deciding whether Sleeknote is for them, simply click on the animated form, book a live demo, and await your one-on-one meeting. This is an exceptional way to turn hesitant leads into paying customers, and Divi supports it 100%.

18. Pierce Bivens

pierce bivens

Pierce Bivens, known for being a young musical prodigy, knows how to appeal to his fans. Upon arriving on the site, you don’t have access to a video content module. You do however, have access to a YouTube video that’s streaming. This not only directs visitors to another popular channel (which is good for SEO), it’s something different most other sites don’t do.

Adding to that, Pierce offer site visitors on-site audio clips, social share icons, an about section, and an opt-in form. Ultimately, this one-page website is all about spreading the music and getting people to follow him on other channels.

19. Saint Benevolence

saint benevolence

Saint Benevolence is an intricate website that wants everyone to drink to goodness, or so their tagline says. One non-traditional thing this website has, that Divi makes possible, is the parallax effect within one content block. As you scroll, you’ll notice one image seems to be a background image, but it’s not. It’s mesmerizing and helps you stay engaged, if even for a second.

There’s also good use of high-resolution imagery, font pairings, and color schemes, all of which bring together the whole message. Visit a nearby restaurant, shop online, and even create your very own drinks thanks to the dedicated recipes section.

20. Artfully Designed Creations

artfully designed creations

Artfully Designed Creations is one of the few girly Divi theme examples in this roundup. It has a sweet color scheme of pinks and blues, beautiful typography, and the perfect use of whitespace. And since Divi supports online shops, Artfully Designed Creations has links to recent products. Plus, there’s a filtering system of product categories and a sticky banner (footer style) with a discount on shipping.

There’s a clear testimonial module being used to help add social proof and boost sales. In addition, there are social share icons for liking and following. You can also run a quick site search if you’re looking for something in particular.  Lastly, if you want to set up an account with them, you can using the simple registration system.

21. Better Health by Heather

better health by heather

Better Health by Heather is another example of how adding an opt-in fomr above the fold is effective use of retail space. Not only is there an opt-in form above the fold on the homepage, it has a content upgrade too, which is just smart marketing.

Heather has a lot going on with her website. This means having advanced menus is necessary for improving the user experience. Sign up to work with Heather herself, read her blog, check out recipes, attend events, and so much more. All you have to do is follow the menu items. And if you need proof that what Heather does works, check out the testimonial slider of positive reviews and see for yourself.

22. Muze


Muze is a one of the neatest Divi theme examples. It comes with smooth scrolling effects, beautiful imagery, and an easy to use CTA. The darker color scheme, which Divi helps with, gives the site an overall cool vibe. And with a simple navigational menu outlining things like the blog, available products, and contact page, getting through the site is easy.

There’s a simple search icon for exploring Muze and a back to top button. There are also social share icons near the bottom that help the user experience, keep the site organized and neat, and give people an easy way to stay connected.

23. Woodyfuel


Woodyfuel makes things interesting the minute you arrive on their site. With a video background image showing you the type of work they do, you aren’t likely to turn away soon. Combine that with the CTA buttons that are placed front and center, and now you have lots of site engagement and leads coming your way.

Scrolling down the homepage reveals minimal animations and transitions as elements load. And when it comes to trust signals, Woodyfuel takes the cake. Not only do they display their signals on their homepage, they link to dedicated pages. On these pages, there’s information about each organization, lending extra credibility to the company.

24. Vet Plus

vet plus

Vet Plus tugs at your heartstrings from the beginning with the darkly toned puppy eyes. And it just so happens that Divi gives site owners complete control over color schemes, including gradients and background blends. Not to mention, Divi lets you save your colors to be used elsewhere on your site, as is seen here.

Notice the content blocks for the blog, testimonials, and service provided. Lastly, if you want to set up a consultation, just click the CTA and fill out their contact form.

25. BD’s Mongolian Grill

bds mongolian grill

BD’s Mongolian Grill is one of the Divi theme website examples that any restaurant can model their own site after. From the “Find a Location” functionality to the menu page, and the online ordering option to the dedicated rewards section, this site has it all.

To avoid making things too cluttered, BD’s Mongolian Grill uses a simple color scheme. Add in the yummy images of their best dishes and people are sure to want to come there and eat. And of course, there’s always the tiny details to notice. For example, social sharing, the ability to buy gift cards online, and a community news section help this restaurant’s success.