27May 2019

7 Color Palette Generators that Will Make Your Brand Pop
Blog/News by newsmarket

As of January 2019, there were over 1 billion websites in the world (and counting!). In this veritable landslide of code, what can you do to make your website stand out at the end of the day? The answer is so basic that it’s often overlooked. A website’s color palette often makes all the difference in the […]

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19May 2019

7 Best Email List Building Plugins for WordPress
Blog/News by newsmarket

Are you looking for a proven way to boost site engagement, conversions, and sales? If you are, look no further than your email list. An email list can have a profound effect on your website, whether you run a blog, online business, or recently launched an eCommerce shop. In fact, an email list full of the […]

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