14Dec 2016

Win-win: Open source .Net pays off for devs
Blog/News by newsmarket

Two years ago Microsoft did the unthinkable: It declared it would open-source its .Net server-side cloud stack with the introduction of .Net Core. The announcementwas surprising, thanks to Microsoft’s long-running feuds with open source projects, as well as its history of portraying open source as a threat to the software economy. But Microsoft may have […]

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06Dec 2016

Google further shrinks Android app install sizes – now up to 90 percent
Blog/News by newsmarket

Earlier this year, Google announced it had shrunk app updates by 47 percent, but it turns out that was just the start as the Android platform owner has further boosted its compression abilities. Google is using a new updating technique called ‘File-by-File patching’ to shrink updates by 65 percent on average but it can reduce sizes up to […]

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