16Nov 2016

new partner
New partner boosts hardware options for communications leader
Blog/News by newsmarket

A leading US provider of developer-friendly communications services has added another technology partner as it looks to extend the options available to customers of SaaS providers and high tech enterprises. Seattle-based Flowroute has achieved a successful interoperability certification with Epygi Technologies, meaning that Epygi’s QX line of IP PBXs and gateways will now be compatible […]

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08Nov 2016

5 Steps to Building a 6-Figure Consultancy
Blog/News by newsmarket

One of the strongest traits of the most successful entrepreneurs I know is the ability to boil down the complicated into something simple. It’s like having the ability to turn a 1,000-piece puzzle into just five pieces. These entrepreneurs are be able to see the big picture and the three to five essential actions, that if taken […]

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