06Sep 2016

Take that, FBI: Apple goes all in on encryption
Blog/News by newsmarket

Apple’s newest encryption tool better secures files on all its devices, just the latest in a move to widespread encryption in the tech industry   Apple revealed a slew of new software features for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and desktop computers on Monday – yet omitted an important new technology that will better protect customers’ private data […]

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07Jul 2016

Java API judge tells Oracle to suck it up, quit whining about the jury
Blog/News by dev

An early attempt by Oracle to reverse Google’s victory in the Java API copyright saga has been shot down. This week, Judge William Alsup promptly snubbed [PDF] Big Red’s plea to dismiss Google’s fair use defense in the long-running court battle. Google was found to have infringed Oracle’s copyright by using 37 Oracle-owned Java class […]

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