IT-consulting and IT business analytics

Strategic-Consulting-and-Planning-1024x398Business Analyst department is one of the most important subdivisions of our company which task is IT-consulting of future software product.

The initial analysis is carried out by experts of Bongor on the basis of information provided by the Customer. This step is required for an overall understanding of the system, its purposes and ways of achievement this assigned tasks.

The next stage, which is indispensable when the company conducts business IT consulting, in different sources is called differently: “data collection», «laboratory», etc.

The essence of this stage – gathering information from the Customer about his vision of the project and systematization of this information. In the process of IT consulting business analyst uses different techniques:

  1. Carries out the planned focus groups with various types of end users of the application for the purpose of obtaining information on their vision of future functionality and identification of real requirements.
  2. Breaks the project into components with giving a rating for each of them.
  3. Plans to further increase the project and analyzes the possible loads with a binding to specific periods of time.
  4. Expects to the possible risks and suggests ways to minimize them.

The main problem, which is solved by IT business consulting, is detection of real requirements of the system, on basis of which business analyst prepares technical documentation for software development.

In addition, IT consulting and web analytics are designed to make the most important thing: to work an optimal version of the application which will bring the greatest return and it will be the most useful for this organization.

Besides, during the creating a sizeable projects analyst usually lays parameters that will allow in future developing the project without copying of considerable part of a program code.

Thus, competent IT consulting will allow to reduce expenses both at the stage of creating the primary structure of the application and in future, when developers will make modifications to the already completed and fully working project.