Bongor VoIP, the easy connection to the world for emerging VoIP service providers


Bongor VoIP provides small VoIP service providers with an easy and direct access to high quality and cost efficient voice routing. Thanks to one of the widest networks of direct routes, BICS’ Bongor VoIP offers the ideal solution for A-Z termination services. It is composed by the two well-tried VoIP transit solutions of BICS: while First Class VoIP offers the highest possible quality, Business Class VoIP focuses on offering a market quality transit at cheaper prices.

We offer our service to carriers, small businesses, callshops, resellers and other VOIP service providers.

Bongor VoIP is backed up by a rich set of online tools: you will be able to easily manage on a day-to-day basis all aspects of the voice business, including pricing, invoicing, QoS reporting, customer service and pre-payment balance monitoring. By combining two well-established international VoIP transit solutions and powerful on-line reporting tools, BICS aims to offer the Bongor VoIP customers all the means to reach their own business goals.

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  • Tier-1 quality at wholesale prices
  • 150 Concurring calls
  • IP interconnection via the Public Internet
  • 2 options on a call-by-call basis:
  • Prepayment and real time online balance reporting
  • Neither setup nor capacity costs
  • Immediate e-invoicing
  • Daily web reporting


High quality or Efficient Cost

First Class
  • Highest Quality
  • CLI Guarantee
  • Global coverage
Business Class
  • Cost driven
  • Market quality
  • Global coverage

Why use VoIP Exchange Bongor?

VoIP Exchange Bongor allows you to simplify your VoIP traffic management. It is one stop shop for everyone’s VoIP traffic termination needs. Bongor leverages the gap between smaller and larger Internet telephony service providers (ITSP) eliminating concerns about heavy volume commitments usually required in order to gain access to more competitive pricing.

How does the Bongor VoIP Exchange work?

Buyers build a personalized routing table by specifying VoIP supplier of their choice for each of the available destinations. The routing table can be altered on the fly to better suit buyers preferences in case of better offers become available at any time. VoIP traffic routing engine can be set to route calls based on different criteria such as lowest price, ASR/ACD values or statically locked to certain VoIP supplier.

The system can be configured to use multiple suppliers for each destination code allowing for both enhanced capacity and automatic failover between suppliers. In case of failures with one of the selected suppliers, Bongor VoIP Exchange will transparently retry the connection with the next selected supplier, without necessity of call to be retried by the initiator, greatly increasing call success rate.

You Can Sell!

Bongor VoIP Exchange gives you opportunity to offer and sell your existing VoIP destinations if you have any and you want to provide VoIP termination services to the rest of the Exchange members.

Bongor provides tools that let you determinate how you stand compared to the rest of Bongor VoIP Exchange community.

Termination service earnings or the money collected from termination services, can either be paid back to you (the seller) or be used to buy other VoIP traffic back on the Bongor VoIP Exchange.

Competitive Prices.

Bongor provides Sellers with the market intelligence they need to manage their telecommunications business more effectively.

Sellers offering multiple destinations can take advantage of Bongor’s analysis tool that allows sellers to upload or update full A-Z routing offers quickly and easily.

Pricing which Seller defines is the same pricing all prospect buyers will see and compare.

Easy Interconnect.

You will be able to define multiple VoIP gateways with dedicated destination and price lists. If you offer same destinations via multiple gateways, Bongor will allow you to use load balancing between them for increased availability.

Bongor VoIP Exchange supports SIP as VoIP protocol using the following codecs: G711, G729, G723, G722, G726, GSM and iLBC.

You Can Buy!


Buying on Bongor is easy. You have full control over which provider to use for every single destination code and the choice of routing method for it.


Single Interconnect – Multiple Routes.


With Bongor’s single interconnect to the world, buyers can also increase network utilization by reducing the number of interconnects.


Provider Selection:


You have the ability to define your own routing table for every phone code based on various factors like cost, quality, capacity, fax capability, caller ID support, ACD (average call duration) or ASR (average success rate).

Routing Engine Selection:


Routing engine is defined for each of the destination codes. This is a setting which determinates in what sequence call is being distributed to the selected VOIP providers. Routing can be based on least cost, best ASR, greatest ACD, or can be set to reject that specific code. Routing engine is the tool that lets you completely customize your call termination in a way it suits you best.


Technical Information:


VoIP protocol supported: SIP

Supported codecs: G711, G729, G723, G722, G726, GSM, iLBC