Software support and Maintenance

portfolio_group_SOFTWARE-SUPPORT-web_large_1Any development, whether it is a massive CRM-system, complex corporate web-portal, multi-level script for the contact – center or even a web service needs a permanent or temporary support and maintenance.  If not to observe this simple rule, it is possible that the system will cease to satisfy to needs of users. There may be several factors: from changing of specifics of activity of several users or department of your company, to changing of needs of all business.

Software support and maintenance can involve constant (24×7) and periodic maintenance (on request). The first version of the support and maintenance of software is more suitable for heavy systems, the second should be used on projects that may contain large functionality or projects on which you need to monitor all users’ actions, which periodically lead to incorrect work (wrong building of reports or statistics, incorrectly exposed statuses of any application or product, etc).

If you contact Bongor company for support  of software you will get following advantages:

  • There is no need to maintain the individual professional in company who will be engaged in the support and maintenance of software;
  • Support can be provided round the clock (in the case of selecting a specific package on support of software);
  • High qualification of our staff will help to process the request of any complexity in the shortest time;
  • Software maintenance can be performed on guaranteed packages for service, and on the direct request;
  • Our staff has a full range of specialists who can handle any task, whether it is of a technical nature or just consultation.

Note that the maintenance and software support by Bongor includes the following activities:

  • Restoration of working capacity of software in the case of a technical failure, which was occurred due to the fault of third parties;
  • Software development that extends the functionality of the base application;
  • Consultancy in any convenient way for the client;
  • And any other services related to the support and maintenance of software.

The technique of our work to which maintenance of software belongs, looks as follows:

  • Client turns to his manager in oral or written form;
  • The manager, after hearing the problem, fixes the the request and negotiates with the client the time during which the task must be solved, and assigns performers on this task;
  • If the task can’t be solved within the established time intervals, the manager informs the Client about the essence of the problems and assigns time during which the problem will be solved.

But the most significant advantage of maintenance of software by Bongor is the fact of payment only for actually performed works. Thus, costs of the product maintenance will be minimized and efficiency will be maximal.